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History of Lightwoods

This page provides a glimpse into the fascinating journey of Lightwoods, offering a deeper understanding of its historical significance.

Shakespeare Gardens

Gain insights into Shakespeare Gardens’ cultural, educational and aesthetic significance.

Lightwoods Park

Learn about peaceful spots for picnics or simply enjoying nature.

What’s On

Stay updated on the latest events, from festivals to art classes.

Weddings at Lightwoods

Take a glimpse into the magical atmosphere Lightwoods can provide for your wedding.

Venue Hire

This page helps you find the perfect venue for your private event.

Eat and Drink

The Eat and Drink page offers a variety of options to help you find an excellent dining experience.


Discover the rewarding experiences and positive impact of contributing to your community through Lightwoods.


This page offers information about the public park and historical spot in Bearwood, West Midlands.

Weekly Classes & Community Events

This page helps you learn about the exciting weekly classes and community events at Lightwoods Park and House.

Our Residents

This page likely focuses on the individuals residing at Lightwoods House.

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Details of accessibility.

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